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Catherine Armstrong, Founder, Kinman Conservation 

A heritage professional, with an MSc (with Distinction) in The Conservation of Historic Buildings from The University of Bath , I have experience working across Grade I and Grade II listed vernacular, ecclesiastical and polite architecture buildings. I also have conservation and project management experience gained from The National Trust and SAVE Britain's Heritage, as well as on site.  


I am passionate about celebrating the character and dignity of historic buildings whilst ensuring viable use in today's world. Skilled research and analysis, coupled with an understanding of historic structure and style, are my cornerstones in creating any historical record or case for change. 


In addition to my professional and academic qualifications, I have life-long experience of living in an array of older properties: a Victorian town house, a Norman keep (the digs for University College, Durham, where I studied for my BA), a London mansion flat, Victorian railways workers' housing, an 18th century thatched cottage, and latterly a Georgian country home. So, I have first-hand experience of the vagaries, delights, opportunities and (at times) frustrations, of living in these wonderful old buildings.

I firmly believe that conservation is about sustainability and the management of change, enabling these structures to continue to retain their character and purpose now, and into the future. 


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